Massage therapy is tailored to your dog you will see an improvement in 1-3 treatments.* Click for more information on treatment times and costs

Select the option that best describes your dog and find out how massage can help you

The Canine Massage Guild has produced a free tool - the 5 Principles of Pain - to help you assess whether your dog could benefit from massage and to support your conversations with their vet. Download it here

I can complete Muscular Health Checks (MOT) and Body Conditioning assessments at my Hemel and Aylesbury clinics or at local shows.

* Vet consent is required and 95% of dogs show clear improvements, often after their first treatment.

"Karen is currently treating Fergus who  doesn't like anyone touching him. Karen has gained his trust and I can already see that he is more relaxed. I would happily recommend your expertise to other dog owners."