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Clinical Massage - As a member of the Canine Massage Guild you can be sure of the quality of my training and my practice methods.

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I will tailor therapy to your dog and research confirms that improvement is seen in 95% of dogs after 3 treatments. 


Clinical massage can help your dog if they:

The Canine Massage Guild has produced a free tool - the 5 Principles of Pain to help you assess whether your dog could benefit from massage and to support conversations with your vet. Download it here.

I can complete Muscular Health Checks (MOT) and Body Conditioning assessments at my Hemel and Aylesbury clinics for a minimum £10 donation to the NAWT Watford Centre. I also complete these for free at local shows.

If massage can help you will see improvements in 1 - 3 sessions.

Your dogs first massage session lasts up to 90 minutes and you will need to bring a signed vet consent form with you. The session includes:

  • an analysis of your dog standing, sitting and on the move

  • a few lifestyle and medical history questions

  • a full body palpation to assess your dogs superficial musculature

  • a full body massage (as appropriate to your dogs needs and comfort level)

  • advice to take home with you.


This initial consultation costs £60

All sessions after this cost £50 (or £55 in my Aylesbury clinic) and usually take 50-60 minutes. It is recommended that your dog has three initial treatments within a 3-6 week period. At the start of every session we chat about any changes you have noticed, any concerns you have and tackle any of your questions.

After three sessions we will discuss next steps and I will produce a report for your vet on my findings.

If you are not sure whether massage will benefit your dog, whether I am the right therapist for you or whether your dog will accept my touch you can always book them in for a Muscular Health Check (MOT) first. This is provided for a minimum £10 donation to NAWT Watford.

Remember I need vet consent to treat. If I am treating an injury or a diagnosed condition you may be able to claim the costs of treatment back from your pet insurance and a call to them to check this option would be recommended.


"Karen is outstanding. She's utterly passionate about the health and wellbeing of dogs . I can't recommend her highly enough"                   

Anna, Aylesbury

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