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Home Assessments - Getting a new dog? Is your dog having surgery or recovering from injury? I can help

Would you like to sense check your plans for a change in your home and its layout? What about travel and exercise routines? Making adjustments to your home, vehicles and routines can ensure your dog remains safe and recovers effectively from injury but where do you start?

I offer comprehensive assessments either in person (if local to Hemel Hempstead) or on-line via video consultations. These assessments will focus on cost-effective changes that will protect your dog and enhance their healing. As a clinical massage therapist and core conditioning coach I can provide professional advice to empower you and allow you to support your dog in what is likely to be a challenging time for you all.  

The assessment will consider:

The home – options for restricting movement whist your dog rests and/or heals, access to furniture and stairs, eating and drinking arrangements, flooring and access to toileting options, security and safety considerations and safe routes for your dog.


The transport – details of your legal responsibilities, safety and security on the move, getting in and out of a vehicle, safe handling techniques for lifting your dog where appropriate. We will also explore mobility equipment options and ensuring your dog can travel as comfortably as possible.


The local environment – how to get your dog moving safely around their local environment in order to toilet, walking options during those restricted periods your vet recommends they have as they recover, mobility support options. For new dog owners with healthy dogs my assessment might look more widely at an area and offer safe, stimulating routes and activities to support communication and confidence building. 

During the assessments I do not


Offer rehabilitation programmes - the assessments are designed to help owners to set up their environments to support safe recovery from injury or surgery and to ensure new dog owners better understand their dogs needs so that they do not become injured or experience undue stress in their new home. It is not a replacement for professional rehabilitation via a qualified therapist. 

If your dog has had surgery or an injury speak to your vet about physiotherapy, massage therapy, hydrotherapy and what might work well for your dog. I would recommend that all dogs recovering from an injury have some form of rehabilitative therapy.

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Assessments take up to an hour and a short summary report of our conversations will be provided afterwards. 

Owners can choose a 30 minute assessment - looking at one of the above areas with a follow up summary report for £50 or a comprehensive hour long assessment looking at all the above areas for £80

Me and my hairy lurcher outside
Me and my short haired lurcher sitting on grass
A cross breed dog standing on a windowsill with a view of the outside beyond
A dog lying down with a cone of shame on
A dog lying in a crate with a cone of shame on

"I wholeheartedly recommend Karen Young to anyone seeking holistic and effective care for their furry companions. Her commitment to enhancing the quality of life for dogs is truly commendable!" Kanak, Hemel

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