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A dog is lame if they are visibly limping or if the body has to compensate for a limb. In either case this can be seen as an uneven bobbing movement.

There are many causes including; over exertion, body slamming with other dogs, falling, slipping, orthopaedic conditions or long term inactivity following surgery.

Massage can help by:

  • relaxing over tense muscle and removing painful knots

  • breaking down adhesions that form between different tissues

  • releasing jammed muscles so that each muscle can work independently again

  • reducing pain and soreness

  • re-modelling scar tissue so it becomes more flexible and supple and reduces its restrictive effects on the tissue

Remember I can only help your dog with your vets consent

A black labrador retriever sitting in my Hemel clinic

Razzy stiffens up and starts to limp if he doesn't get a regular massage

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