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Older dogs tend to slow down, become stiff and may even be reluctant to do those things they used to love.

An older dog may also become grumpy, stubborn and some areas of their body may become sensitive to touch.


These signs may not all be due to getting older but could also be a result of changes in the dog's body tissues. Tissues should be able to slide over each other to allow the body to move in comfort. However, over time, the tissues can become stuck together causing stiffness and general aches and pains.

With your vets consent I can help reduce any pain they might be experiencing, improve movement, re-balance the body and increase joint flexibility.

Karen Young sitting cuddling an old black labrador

Such improvements will make your dog feel much better about themselves. They will be able to move more freely giving them a significant boost to their quality of life, energy levels and mood. You may be amazed at the difference just one or two sessions can make.

"Karen was amazing at looking after my boy Frankie. He was becoming very slow and stiff on his walks but we met Karen and she introduced us to canine massage...what a difference it made! Frankie enjoyed his walks more and looked so happy in himself. I would definitely recommend this therapy for your ageing furbabies.!"

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