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Before setting up Safe Hands, I led international project teams; developed and delivered training programmes; and ran European wide schools’ programmes. My roles were many and varied; full of challenge and amazing people and I loved it. But the long hours meant I couldn't have a dog and for my own wellbeing this needed to change.


So, leaving the corporate world behind I enrolled on courses that would allow me to work with dogs. I started volunteering at a local rescue and adopted my first rescue dog (Eva). 

I know that our dogs are part of the family and in order to feel confident enough working with yours I needed to enrol on the best training. So, after much research I studied with the leading organisations in their fields - the Canine Massage Therapy Centre and the Canine Conditioning Academy.

Running my own business and the change in my life style was frightening at first. But improved working hours and a dedicated home clinic allows me to support you and your dog both during a crisis such as rehabilitation after an injury and, just as importantly, for their general health and injury prevention.


I continue to add new skills and services to my business. But before I add any services I will have successfully used them with my own dogs. Only when I am certain it is making a difference will I offer it to you and your dogs. I know my massage and training programmes works because I use them regularly to keep my own dogs fit, mobile and healthy.

Every working day I see the positive impact I am having on your dogs quality of life. I see how helping your dogs also impacts on you and your wellbeing and I absolutely love being able to do that!


I am here for the wellbeing of your dog for life, not just when they have an issue or injury. Your dog really is in Safe Hands and I am looking forward to welcoming you and your dog to the joys of massage and fitness.

Helping dogs lead happier, healthier lives naturally.

Karen Young in the hemel clinic with her two lurchers lying on a massage table

Photo by Nux Photography

A black and white image of me cuddling my short haired lurcher

Photo by Angela G Photographer

Karen Young cuddling her long haired lurcher
Karen Young MSc, BSc (Hons), Clinical Canine Massage practitioner, Dip. Canine Myotherapy, Canine Massage Guild Member, Licensed Canine Conditioning Academy Coach
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