Karen Young MSc, BSc (Hons), Dip. Canine Myotherapy
Helping dogs lead happier, healthier lives 

Before working with dogs I led teams of professionals on international projects. I developed and delivered training programmes and ran European wide schools’ programmes. My roles were many and varied, full of challenge and amazing people and I loved it.


But the long hours meant I couldn't have a dog. For my own sanity and well being this needed to change. So, when the opportunity to leave the corporate world behind arose I jumped at the chance.  I was finally able to set up my own business and get a dog. But, I wanted more. I wanted to work with dogs, not just live with them. So I set up Safe Hands Clinical Canine Massage.

But to work with other people's dogs I needed the best training. I have studied, and continue to study, with leading organisations in their respective fields - the Canine Massage Therapy Centre and Canine Conditioning Academy.


I offer the best, most relevant, incredibly beneficial services to my clients. I have been trained in:

- Massage; Deep Tissue, Swedish, Manual Lymphatic Drainage

- Myofascial release; direct and indirect techniques

Canine Touch

- Canine anatomy in motion

- Canine Pathologies and injuries

The change in my life style was frightening at first. But improved working hours and working from a dedicated clinic at home meant I could adopt my two lurchers; Eva (11) and Benji (5). Best of all, I now support like-minded owners with their dog’s well-being. I regularly see the impact I have on the quality of life of my client dogs and this has a profound effect on their owners. I absolutely love being able to do that! 


There are some sacrifices. I haven't had many foreign holidays since I adopted Eva, my house has alot of dog beds and my cupboards have more dog food and treats than human food. Hoovering also seems to be a bigger thing these days but I cannot imagine going back to an office now. 

Being my own boss means I am in charge of the training I undertake and the services I offer. I know my services work as I use them regularly on my own dogs to keep them fit, mobile and healthy. All the training I undertake is first tried out with my own dogs, and only when I am certain it is making a difference will I offer it as a service to my clients.

I am looking forward to working with you and your dog.


Photo by Angela G Photographer

Safe Hands Canine Massage