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Orthopaedic conditions affect the skeleton and associated musculature causing acute and chronic pain

Massage can help a dog suffering from these conditions by:

  • reducing painful swelling

  • improving circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids

  • tackling areas of over-compensation and referred pain 

  • improving mobility and joint flexibility

  • keeping the dog balanced by reducing muscular atrophy (wastage)

  • relaxing muscles and associated connective tissue allowing them to function more efficiently

  • managing and reducing the sensation of pain

  • improving the dogs mood and quality of life

Orthopaedic conditions like arthritis are painful, massage can help

Coco was having trouble after cruciate surgery "Well after only two [massage] sessions I saw a huge improvement in coco’s walking." Michelle, WGC

Massage cannot correct orthopaedic conditions but they can make living with them more bearable. Working alongside and with the consent of the vet I can help a dog live a happier, healthier life.

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