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Working dogs are extremely active and like to be on the move.

​With your vet's consent I can help with:

  • rehabilitation and faster recovery times from muscular strains

  • pain reduction and management

  • performance improvements - for example if your dog is measuring, knocking poles, reluctant to jump, slowing down or preferring to turn in one direction

  • reducing the risk of injury through muscular warm-ups, improved balance and greater body awareness

  • improving mobility and flexibility.

Active, sporting dogs benefit from massag too

"Zoie says thank you for a great session again today. It's great to know that in your safe hands she is a fully fit K9 Flyball athlete - and she is raring to go !!" Terry, Uxbridge

My Canine Conditioning service using the Canine Conditioning Academy programmes are proven to improve performance too. Find out more here
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