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Post operative or general injury recovery

Massage is an excellent alternative to hydrotherapy or physiotherapy and looks to re-balance the whole body.


It can start as early as 2-3 weeks after an injury or surgery if the vet is happy with the dog's recovery progress and gives consent for massage.


Massage supports recovering dogs and can reduce the overall recovery times by:

  • improving blood and lymphatic fluid circulation to and through the tissues

  • speeding up the recovery process

  • reducing the extent of muscular atrophy (wastage) by getting muscles engaged in normal activity sooner

  • maintaining the body's overall balance in motion

  • reducing the amount of damaging over-compensation caused by other body areas working harder to protect the injury

  • recovering normal range of motion, flexibility and mobility

  • reducing levels of chronic pain and potentially reducing the need for pain management drugs.

A Dog lying down with a cone of shame on as a precaution after surgery
A dog lying on a massage table

"Hi my boy Coco is a Staffy x who has had trouble with his knees. He had them both operated on. The first knee healed fine but his second one not so good and was very lame and in discomfort often limping. Well after only two [massage] sessions I saw a huge improvement in coco’s walking I’ve been going every month since. Coco no longer has any problems with his knees and we only go back to Karen for maintenance. 


Thank you so much Karen you are one in a million" Michelle, WGC

My Canine Conditioning service using the Canine Conditioning Academy programmes have been used to support post-operative recovery. Find out more here

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