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In the UK it is illegal  to carry out any manipulative therapy on a dog without a signed consent form from their vet.


In order to comply with this law and to offer best clinical practice I will always check with your vet if they are happy for your dog to receive massage or participate in body conditioning. However, this is only a legal requirement for the massage therapy and as such I require a consent form to be completed only for this service.


There are some situations where massage may cause harm, for instance if a dog is currently being treated for epilepsy, cancer or has injuries to bones or ligaments.


This is why it is not only essential that I have your vet's consent but that I work to best practice standards, ensuring the I am working under the vets direction. In order to provide a safe and effective treatment I need to know and understand the dogs relevant medical history and any drug regime that they may be on.

Be wary of anyone willing to massage (or otherwise treat your dog) without vet consent. They will be operating illegally, putting your dog at risk and will almost certainly be operating without any valid insurance.

I can complete Muscular Health checks (MOT) without veterinary consent to determine whether massage may be beneficial for your dog. Find out more

Veterinary consent is required under the Veterinary Act 1966 and The Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 2015


Canine massage requires vet consent
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