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Fitness with a difference - courses that teaches your dog about their bodies and keeps them strong and fit from the inside 

I deliver group and one to one courses that build your dogs core strength and improve flexibility, balance and resilience

What will you get from attending training at Safe Hands?

  • fun and enjoyment through learning about each other

  • an understanding of your dog movement and if they are carrying

      an injury

  • your dog will improve in confidence

  • your dog will be better protected from injury and back pain

  • you will leave with the skills to keep your dog fitter for life

  • a visible and measurable change in your dogs body shape

In addition your dog will move easier and with greater accuracy, with improved posture and movement - ideal for those dogs that compete in sports or the showring

Once your dog has completed an initial course you are welcome to bring them to any drop-in training sessions I run in future.

Backed by science


The courses have been developed using the findings from scientific research and are extremely effective. However, as with all exercise it requires commitment from you to work on the programme at home throughout the course duration.

You will see a difference in just 8 weeks.

A black dog standing before conditioning
A black dog standing after conditioning
Ziggy before and after.

Testimonial: Rosie was recovering from elbow surgery when she started the programme. Her owner, Jackie takes up the story! 


"The results are unprecedented. Her post op recovery was nothing short of miraculous. The Vet was astounded.. she was a fit working dog before, but now her stature was squarer, her balance, gait and flexibility were vastly improved. Her mobility and awareness of her body’s abilities has...increased which is evident when she works. We have not seen one minor injury or limp since she began the programme...


...we will be continuing the programme with all our dogs .... My dogs love it... and it gives me precious “our” time...

I have written a couple of blogs on the training I offer.


I can also attend club event where I can provide Body Condition Assessments and talks, just get in touch if you would like to chat about options for your events.

Delivering fitness programmes


I deliver Fitness programmes over 8 weeks in one of the following ways:​

  • Small group classes (max 6 dogs) for clubs, either inside or outdoors

  • One-to-one sessions at my Hemel Hempstead clinic

  • One-to-one online - you can be anywhere in the world but a good, reliable internet connection is required as we will be working via video calls.


​To ensure you get the best out of the exercises and your dog I offer four bespoke packages. You should see results with all of the packages and your choice should be informed by your available time, your objectives for your dog and your dogs temperament and current condition.


Feedback from previous Fitness clients has resulted in the introduction of the Bronze and Silver options - for busy dog owners that would struggle with the full exercise programme but are looking to support and strengthen their dog. These options are ideal for pet dogs and those dogs that have recovered from an injury.

Safe Hands Fitness Pricing of delivery options

If you are competing with your dog I recommend the Gold or Platinum package initially with a view to advancing to the Intermediate or Advanced programmes.


Intermediate and Advanced options are available only to dogs that have completed the Silver or above option.


Additional 45 minute one-to-one sessions are available should you want more support. These are £60 per session and can be delivered either in person or online.

Safe Hands running a Canine Core Fitness class outdoors
Safe Hands running a group Canine Fitness class outside
A springer spaniel completing a canine core fitness exercise
A lurcher completing a canine core fitness exercise
A staffordhire Terrier cross leaping over an agility obstacle

During the eight week period, no matter how you are completing the programme, you can post videos and ask me questions via Facebook messenger (or if you are participating as part of a class via a dedicated Facebook group).​


The first and last sessions will also involve taking photos and measurements of your dog. This will give us real, quantifiable information on the impact the 8 weeks has had on your dogs' physique.​


I truly believe these courses are life changing for your dog and will upskill and empower you as owners to support your dogs to lead happier, healthier lives. I use them with my own dogs and the results with them and previous clients speak for themselves. You can see some here.

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