Core Conditioning - strength from the inside out!

As a Licensed Canine Conditioning Academy Coach, I deliver 8 week Foundation courses that build your dogs core strength, improve flexibility, balance and resilience. Group classes are on hold at this time and instead I am delivering the programme on-line and on an individual basis.

In these courses we will:

  • assess your dogs movement and posture

  • improve their strength and muscle performance

  • learn exercises that target specific muscle groups

  • see a difference in their posture and movement

  • improve their confidence


The courses are based on scientific research and are extremely effective. However, as with all exercise programmes it will require commitment from you to work on the routine at home throughout the course duration.


So why conditioning? It is common to incorporate core strength training when a person looks to improve their overall fitness so why not in our dogs? Using well researched techniques I am offering courses that can condition your dog in the same way and you will see a difference in just 8 weeks.

Testimonial: Rosie was recovering from elbow surgery when she started the programme. Her owner, Jackie takes up the story!

"The results are unprecedented. Her post op recovery was nothing short of miraculous. The Vet was astounded.. she was a fit working dog before, but now her stature was squarer, her balance, gait and flexibility were vastly improved. Her mobility and awareness of her body’s abilities has...increased which is evident when she works. We have not seen one minor injury or limp since she began the programme...


...we will be continuing the programme with all our dogs because the results are absolute... My dogs love it... and it gives me precious “our” time...

Rosie on the Conditioning Programme

I also attend clubs and events and complete free Body Conditioning Assessments and talks.

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