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I am here for your dog for life, not just when they have an issue or injury. Your dog really is in Safe Hands and I am looking forward to welcoming you and your dog to the joys of massage and core fitness.

Dogs are part of the family and I offer the best, most relevant, incredibly beneficial services to support them. I have been trained in:

- Massage; Deep Tissue, Swedish, Manual Lymphatic Drainage

- Myofascial releases; Canine Touch, direct and indirect techniques

- Canine anatomy in motion

- The science of exercise

- Canine Pathologies and injuries

- Red light and near IR light therapy

Clinical Massage and Core Fitness complement traditional or holistic veterinary care and work well as stand alone activities, in combination or alongside hydrotherapy, Chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy.


Clinical Massage is a whole body approach to support your dogs health and wellbeing. Clinical Massage and bespoke Myofascial Releases (using the Lenton Method®) has been proven to support 95% of the dogs* that have received therapy. It can support your dog throughout their lives by:

Core Fitness offers proven exercise programmes to transform a dog from the inside out. Dogs become more agile, confident and less prone to injury. They also become faster and more precise in their movements often resulting in improved competitive performance. These programmes give a competitive edge to agility, flyball and show dogs. 

Massage requires veterinary consent and I reserve the right to advise your vet should your dog start Core Fitness with me. 

Local ringcraft, flyball, training or agility club member?  I can complete Muscular Health Checks (MOT) and Body Condition assessments at your events.

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