Available - Online core conditioning courses! The course will improve your dogs quality of life, provide mental stimulation and improve physical performance.

I hope to start offering massage therapy again in June following current Government guidelines. Find out how this will work for you and your dog here.

Clinical Massage and Body Conditioning can provide enormous benefits to dogs. They complement traditional or holistic veterinary care and work well as stand alone activities, in combination or alongside hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.


Clinical Massage offers a whole body approach to injury recovery and pain management. Clinical Massage and bespoke Myofascial Releases (using the Lenton Method®) supports a dog throughout its life by:


Body Conditioning offers scientifically based exercise regimes that are proven to transform a dog from the inside out. Dogs become more agile, confident and less prone to injury. Click here to find out more

To treat your dog with massage I require veterinary consent and I will advise your vet should your dog start Body Conditioning with me. 


I can complete Free Muscular Health Checks and Body Conditioning assessments at my Hemel and Aylesbury clinics or at local shows.

"I can't believe the huge difference already after just one [massage] session" More massage testimonials...

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