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I am here for your dog for life, not just when they have an issue or injury.

Your dog is in Safe Hands.

Two dogs running carefree over a large grass field

About Me

I am passionate about dogs. I believe our dogs are incredible and they deserve to be seen, heard and understood. I also believe we owe it to them to provide the best quality care through proven services that really make a difference.

I have two rescue lurchers, and they get to experience all my services before they are offered to your dogs. Luckily for them this includes the dog treats I keep in my clinic. You can find out more about me here.

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Clinical Massage and Core Fitness complement traditional or holistic veterinary care and work well as stand alone activities, in combination or alongside hydrotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

Clinical Massage has been shown to improve pain scores and performance in 95% of the dogs* that have received it. Better still owners usually see a difference in 1-3 sessions. Could massage help your dog? Find out more here.​

* Clinical research has been carried out on the clinical massage that I offer. A summary of the results can be found here and the full paper can be found here.

Massage requires veterinary consent 

Core Fitness offers proven exercise programmes to transform a dog from the inside out. Dogs become more agile, confident and less prone to injury. Dogs become faster and more precise in their movements. Excellent for all dogs from puppies, to sporting dogs to those recovering from an injury to our older dogs that cannot move as well anymore. 

New Assessment service. If you are new to dog ownership or have a dog whose needs are changing either as a result of getting older or struggling with an injury then this service has been designed with you in mind. Find out more here.

An older Staffie Cross sitting looking at the camera

 Make your aging dog a happy dog      

I want to help other owners with older dogs. I am planning on producing some supporting materials covering:

  • key exercises you can do with your older dog for maximum benefit

  • nutrition and supplements for older dogs

  • therapeutic touch and how you can help ease those aches and pains

  • lots more besides

In the meantime, join my Facebook group - My Dog Matters and find a community of like minded owners all wanting to help their older dogs and support each other with the challenges (and joys) that they bring

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