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Help your older dog to live their very best life!

An older black Labrador Retriever getting a canine massage

I will be talking about issues that affect your older dogs including:

 - Nutrition and Supplements
 - Identifying the subtle signs of pain
 - Exercises for older dogs
 - Vet checks and pain medications
 - Therapeutic touch and gentle massage
.... and lots more.

Who We Are

As a clinical massage therapist and a core fitness coach for dogs I see ALOT of older dogs. I have been working with dogs for 8 years having adopted my first rescue dog two years before. Now around 15 years old my Eva is experiencing age related issues such as arthritis, dementia, eye sight and hearing loss, and nerve pain, changes in appetite, behaviour change, incontinence...  I could go on!. 

There is so much information available for owners of older dogs and it can sometimes be overwhelming. I know,  I regularly end up down a rabbit hole when I research how to help my older dog live her best life. With so much information, how can you be sure it is relevant or even true? 

I have two science degrees, one in Physiology and the other, rather oddly in Climate Change and Sustainable Development. I have a critical, scientific brain and I question everything I read and learn. So I will be posting abut my experience and providing support in my Facebook Group.


I am also planning on producing a useful guide for owners with scientifically accurate and relevant information covering a wide area of your dogs life. This should save you time, reduce confusion and provide the very best advice.


Helping older dogs is a real passion of mine. 

So join my in my group, register for my newsletter and lets help our dogs live happier, healthier lives!

Steph George

“Romeo's visits to you make so much difference. He wouldn't be able to be his crazy self without your help."

Anna Atkins-Carter

"Karen is so utterly passionate about the health and wellbeing of dogs. I can't recommend her highly enough"

Denisa Iacob

“The exercises Karen has given us to do with Whiskey have made such a difference to his quality of life. She is my go to for all things doggy health.”
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