If massage can help your dog you will see improvements in 1 - 3 sessions.

The first session lasts around 90 minutes and you will need to bring a signed vet consent form with you. The session will include an analysis of your dog standing, sitting and on the move. I will go through a few lifestyle questions with you and complete a full body palpation to assess your dogs superficial musculature.

Once this is completed I will, with your permission, complete the first full body massage and provide advice to take home with you. This initial consultation costs £40

Your next sessions cost £35 each and will usually be 60 minutes long. In this time we will discuss any changes you have noticed and any concerns or questions you may have.

After three sessions we will discuss next steps and I will produce a report for your vet on my findings.

If you are not sure whether massage will benefit your dog why not book them in for a Muscular Health Check (MOT)? This is provided for a £5 donation to NAWT Watford

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