COVID 19 - Clinic Operating process

Due to Covid 19 risks and restrictions there have been some changes to the way I operate.


I will treat dogs without their owners being present in the clinic wherever this is possible and will only be offering 3 appointments a day to allow for the additional cleaning required.


Depending on Government and/or Scientific guidance at the time of the appointment I may allow 1 owner in the clinic if:

  • The dog will not cope or will have a limited benefit from the treatment without their presence

  • We are both wearing masks

  • We both sanitise our hands in the clinic before and after the treatment

  • The windows are open


To keep you safe the following procedures are in place:

  • I will collect your dog from your car

  • I will be wearing a fabric face mask throughout the treatment

  • Having taken professional advice, I won’t be wearing gloves because:

    • Incorrect use and disposal increases the risks of Coronavirus transmission

    • I will wash my hands immediately before and after every treatment in line with Government guidance

    • I will clean all surfaces that are regularly handled by me or the clinic after every client

    • I am already wearing a mask and want to keep your dog to be comfortable and relaxed and this is done by smelling and feeling as normal as possible.

    • The world has enough disposable, non-biodegradable gloves and other PPE accumulating with no real plan for disposal


Further to better understanding of COVID 19 and its transmission I have brought vet beds back into the clinic as these provide your dog with better grip on the floor and will keep them safer. The risk of transmission from these beds is extremely low. If an owner touches a vet bed though this will be cleaned before being used again. 

I will be wearing clean clothes and a clean mask for every client.


I am still unable to treat any dogs living with owners that have been advised by the Government to Shield or Self Isolate even with the above protocols.


Should I have any symptoms that may suggest a COVID Infection I will self isolate and get a test. I will contact you to cancel your appointment and will be in touch again only when I am feeling better and I have completed the 2 week isolation period. I have received an initial COVID vaccination.



  • Loss of taste and /or smell

  • A new and persistent cough

  • A fever / temperature or difficulty regulating your temperature.

These processes may change as Government tightens or relaxes their own guidance.