Training Case Studies and Testimonials

My clients achieve incredible results on the Body Conditioning programmes. Here are some of the things they have told me.

Their owners have seen:

  • improved body awareness

  • greater confidence in their abilities

  • faster and more balanced on the move

  • a reduction in, or eradication of known lameness

  • an amazing and improving bond and enhanced communication

Rosie Conditioing.jpg

"I highly recommend this - my 11 year old golden retriever suffers from arthritis and was very stiff and prone to limp at times. The conditioning exercises have really improved her strength and mobility, no sign of a limp now for well over 6 months. Plus she loved the stimulation of learning something new. We now incorporate the exercises in walks and daily routines."

Anneliese, Harpenden

"The results are unprecedented. Her post op recovery was nothing short of miraculous. The Vet was astounded.. she was a fit working dog before, but now her stature was squarer, her balance, gait and flexibility were vastly improved. Her mobility and awareness of her body’s abilities has...increased which is evident when she works.


We have not seen one minor injury or limp since she began the programme...we will be continuing the programme with all our dogs because the results are absolute... My dogs love it... and it gives me precious “our” time..."

Jackie, WGC

"I’d like to thank Karen for helping me with my bad legs. I wasn’t sure what to expect or even if it would work, but I enjoyed my first massage so much that I’ve been for three more sessions and my humans are planning to bring me back for more. I’ve been given exercises to do between my visits to help build my muscles up and can see that they’re working. I don’t walk as oddly as I used to, my legs don’t collapse under me or get as tired and the twitchiness in my back is gone. I am looking forward to my next session and can highly recommend a visit to Karen if you need a bit of help too – she’s very nice and, if you’re a good dog, you’ll get a biscuit at the end too!"

Murphy the Staffy

Hamish - 8 year old with mobility issues

Hamish is an 8 year old Sussex Spaniel. He has some significant health issues including epilepsy. This meant that complementary therapies like massage are not available to him.

Hamish was beginning to struggle on his walks. His movement at a trot was unstable and looked to be extremely energy intensive. 

At the beginning of the programme Hamish had poor posture. His back was roached and the way he moved suggested some back pain was present. He would also sit in an odd slumped way (see images of him before conditioning.

He struggled with the exercises to begin with and half way through the programme he had a relapse of his epilepsy making it impossible to continue training for a few weeks. 

Even with the disruption in his training his owners have seen an improvement in his movement and energy levels. They are committed to ensuring Hamish has the best possible quality of life and the conditioning exercises are now a part of his daily routine.

Rosie - working dog recovering from surgery

Rosie is a working Springer Spaniel and a busy girl. But she was always considered the 'clumsy one' in the house. She had elbow surgery earlier in the year and the Body Conditioning was a core aspect of her post operative recover.

Her owners have seen a vast improvement in her movement and her posture. She is more upright and appears more comfortable in her own skin.

She is, unfortunately, now seeing the furniture as a parkour arena and is regularly seen chasing her smaller sister around and over it. She is also more mischievous and playful with her humans and is thoroughly enjoying an active, busy life.

She body awareness has improved and this has made a difference to her performance when working too. She has been injury free since starting the programme and is currently working at the Canine Conditioning Academy Advanced level having completed the Foundation and Intermediate programmes earlier in the year. She loves the exercises and will often behaviour offer to get her mum to work with her.

Dude's agility improves as he is becomes stronger

Little Dude broke or dislocated his tail when he was only 8 weeks old but this has not stopped him when it comes to his daily life or when it comes to agility or flyball. Now nearly 2, his owner reports he was "crazy" and she wanted him to become a little calmer and less nervous of his surroundings.

He was a classic little dog; fast and nimble on his feet but the initial assessment highlighted that his awareness of his back end and the location of his back legs in particular wasn't as good as it could have been.

Whilst Little Dude was fast already he lacked confidence. His fine motor control and muscular strength were not as well developed and he was living on his nerves.

After 8 weeks conditioning Little Dude is visibly stronger with better defined musculature. He is still nervous and his confidence is still low but these are behavioural issues which continued work on the programme going forward will help to address.

"Little Dude now bounces through the weaves, he couldn't do that before. He has more control of his body and I can see the difference in him!" Kate, Hemel

Dino loves flyball and is now even faster

Dino is 3 and a half years old and a typical working Cocker Spaniel. He is always on the move and loves his Flyball. His owner was keen to improve his core strength to reduce the risk of him injuring himself.


The initial assessment highlighted that he was not as good at turning to his left. His owner confirmed that when competing Dino turns right on the Box. In this regard Flyball is a very one sided event.


Dogs will often injure themselves during normal day to day activity,  not necessarily when they are participating in their chosen event. So to reduce the risk of injury we needed to even up the left and right turns.

After conditioning training Dino was visibly more balanced between is left and right sides and this was borne out by the before and after measurements.

During a competition immediately after completing the Canine Conditioning Foundation programme Dino recorded personal bests in all of his runs with his fastest run being 4.37 seconds.