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NEW! Home adaptation case studies and testimonials

Are you getting a new dog? Is your dog having surgery or recovering from an injury? Is your dog aging and starting to show some mobility issues? This service has been developed to help you adjust to the changing needs of dog ownership.

Either via a home visit or via a video call I can help you to identify risks and simple changes you can make to your home, vehicle and dog walks that will keep your dog safe during those times that their needs have changed. 

  • assess the home environment including reviewing movement patterns

  • review how your dog travels in a vehicle including getting in and out as well as safe and legal transit

  • advice on walking routes and exercise activities that will be safe, challenging and rewarding to meet your dogs changing needs

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Keira's home has been changing for the better to help reduce the incidence of lameness

A before and after image showing a laminate floor before and a rug covering the floor after
A cavalier king charles spaniel sitting

I am thrilled to share my appreciation for the care and expertise provided by Karen Young [Safe Hands Canine Massage] in treating our 7-year-old cavalier's leg injury. Having never heard of such a service before, Karen's deep understanding and compassion for our fur-baby Keira has been really insightful, interesting and of course helpful.


Keira's leg injury had left her visibly uncomfortable and hesitant to do some of the normal things she would do, like jumping / running etc. Karen's skilful hands have made a big difference in not only her mobility, but also our understanding of the negative affects of hard floors on our fur-babies. We have now taken steps to make Keira's life better and more comfortable generally, by adding more rugs in the main walkways in the house, to create a better environment for her.


Karen not only addressed Keira's physical aspects of injury, but also her emotional well-being, by creating a calm and soothing atmosphere during the sessions.

Further changes are currently being planned, until then the stairs are off limits with a stair gate. These simple changes have already made a huge difference to Keira's movement and confidence and there have been no more incidence of lameness.

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