Massage Case Studies and Testimonials

Owners will often see visible improvements after just one session. Here are some of the things they have tell me they see in their dogs:

  • higher levels of energy

  • greater interest in life

  • faster and more stable on the move

  • ability to do things that they had stopped doing (such as going upstairs or jumping in the car)

  • being more playful


Here are some of the comments in their own words: 

"I am so pleased - All the hard work you've done with Bramble has been life changing for her. "

Karen, Aylesbury

"As always you amaze me with the results we get...I've had several therapists for my dogs over the years but hands down you are the absolute best."

Debs, Aylesbury

"I’d like to thank Karen for helping me with my bad legs. I wasn’t sure what to expect or even if it would work, but I enjoyed my first massage so much that I’ve been for three more sessions and my humans are planning to bring me back for more. I don’t walk as oddly as I used to, my legs don’t collapse under me or get as tired and the twitchiness in my back is gone. I am looking forward to my next session and can highly recommend a visit to Karen if you need a bit of help too – she’s very nice and, if you’re a good dog, you’ll get a biscuit at the end too! "

Murphy the Staffy

Bramble White_edited.jpg

"I first heard of Canine Massage with a chance meeting with Karen at an event. My dog's companion had passed away and my little dog went into a deep decline. She became an old dog overnight.  That chance meeting with Karen Young turned her around. After the first massage she had improved enormously and was getting back to her old, active 5 year old self again. She has benefitted from massage ever since.

She is doing really well as she goes into her senior years." 

Jo, Potten End

"We have two spaniels of which is bomb proof... and one who thinks she is. Thankfully Karen is there a every step of the way when Rosie decides to jump, twist, mis-step, slip, slide or just be a completely insane spaniel ...and damage herself yet again! The work Karen has done to help maintain Rosie so that she can be a 100mph spaniel and enjoy life is amazing.. and then there is the added side.... problems with incontinence... an unbalanced gait ... and a dog that did not like touch particularly and would never really “rest”. Not any more .. all issues gone and a dog that is really happy having time out with you now in between zoomies... she has become a super balanced dog and simply LOVES her sessions with Karen ... to the point she almost dozes off! Brilliant service, exceptional dedication to her craft and to her patients .. cannot recommend Karen enough!

Jackie, Welwyn

"Well after only two sessions I saw a huge improvement in coco’s walking I’ve been going every month since. Coco no longer has any problems with his knees and we only go back to Karen for maintenance...I’m so grateful to Karen for everything she had done for coco so he can live a happy and active life.


Thank you so much Karen you are one in a million

Michelle, London Colney


Jemma is 14 years old, her mum says..."


...she is not puffing as much and has started coming to greet visitors... she even got her favourite toy to give my neighbour yesterday!"

Julia, Bedmond

"Karen was amazing at looking after my boy Frankie. He was becoming very slow and stiff on his walks but we met Karen and she introduced us to canine massage.


What a difference it made! Frankie enjoyed his walks more and looked so happy in himself and more comfortable. I would definitely recommend this therapy to your aging furbabies."

Sally, Hemel

"Max is very mobile and happy tonight. He is behaving like a pup!"


Delphine, Winchmore Hill

MOnty 1.jpg

After Monty's (14) first massage..."Monty has just picked up a toy without encouragement for the first time in as long as I can remember and is shaking it (gently, but trying to kill it!) 

Karen at Safe Hands Massage has helped Monty with his movement and back problems. I really feel if it hadn’t been for Karen, Monty wouldn’t be here today."


Kirsty, Hemel

"My Golden Retriever was lagging behind on walks and I thought this was normal for his age. But after an encouraging talk with Karen, I booked him in. After the first session we noticed a difference, after 3 he was running in front of the pack again.


Karen explained clearly about future planning in my dogs care and now over 10 he is still enjoying walking / playing with my other 2 dogs.

So when my GSD ruptured her Cruciate Ligament I contacted Karen. 


My dogs are much more comfortable and I know if I have a worry in the future I can phone Karen for advice / treatment"

June, Watford


"Karen treated my beloved old golden retriever for a long time and he absolutely loved coming to her and she kept him comfortable for all his twilight years"

Sally, Bow Brickhill

Romeo has bilateral hip dysplasia and has had one cruciate surgery (so far).


"Karen's massages and exercises help my boy to continue on as close to normal as possible. Thank you Karen!"

Steph, Welwyn