I have achieved incredible results using clinical massage on my clients dogs.

Their owners have seen:

  • higher levels of energy

  • greater interest in life

  • faster and more stable mobility

  • ability to do things that they had previously stopped doing (such as going upstairs or jumping in the car)

  • more playful behaviours


But don't just take my word for it, read what my clients have to say!


"My little dog Leah is due for her second massage. I can't believe the huge difference already after just one session. She is a happy dog again." Jo, Potten End

"Zoie says thank you for a great session again today. It's great to know that in your safe hands she is a fully fit K9 Flyball athlete - and she is raring to go !!" Terry, Uxbridge

Millie and Fleur.png

"I can't thank Karen enough for all she does for my Golden Retriever,Watson. Although tbh he didn't have anything chronically wrong with him this time round, all I can say he so loves his treatment, she's done extra stretches for us this time round as we have a show on Sunday where the judge assesses movement amongst other things. So it's really important he's 'at one' so to speak! " Karen, Bushey

"We have two spaniels ..one of which is bomb proof... and one who thinks she is. Thankfully Karen is there a every step of the way when Rosie decides to jump, twist, mis-step, slip, slide or just be a completely insane spaniel ...and damage herself yet again! The work Karen has done to help maintain Rosie so that she can be a 100mph spaniel and enjoy life is amazing.. and then there is the added side.... problems with incontinence... an unbalanced gait ... and a dog that did not like touch particularly and would never really “rest”. Not any more .. all issues gone and a dog that is really happy having time out with you now in between zoomies... she has become a super balanced dog and simply LOVES her sessions with Karen ... to the point she almost dozes off! Brilliant service, exceptional dedication to her craft and to her patients .. cannot recommend Karen enough!" Jackie, Welwyn

Rosie Millins-Horne Oct 18.jpg

Coco has had surgery on both his knees, but after the second operation he was lame and in pain. After trying hydrotherapy without success his owner came to see me.

"Well after only two sessions I saw a huge improvement in coco’s walking I’ve been going every month since. Coco no longer has any problems with his knees and we only go back to Karen for maintenance...I’m so grateful to Karen for everything she had done for coco so he can live a happy and active life. Thank you so much Karen you are one in a million" Michelle, London Colney

"Since having sessions with Karen, Miss Pickles looks more comfortable both standing and on the move and she seems calmer (all things are relative!) when we are out on walks.


She has relaxed more with me, and I even get the occasional cuddle now. She took to Karen straight away, and Karen’s calm and reassuring presence and obvious knowledge gave me every confidence.


While most importantly Miss Pickles has benefitted from the hands on treatment, she also obviously enjoyed it very much." Christina, Redbourn