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Delivery of body conditioning fitness programme

I deliver CCA Fitness programmes in one of the following ways:

  • Small group classes (max 6 dogs) either inside or outdoors - 8 weekly sessions lasting around 45 minute a session. The first and last session are an hour long

  • One-to-one sessions at my Hemel Hempstead clinic - 4 sessions lasting around 45 minutes with the fist and last session lasting around an hour

  • One-to-one online - you can be anywhere in the world but a good, reliable internet connection is required as we will be working via video calls. 4 sessions lasting around an hour each with the first and last session lasting around 75 minutes.

No matter how you choose to access the course it costs £150 per dog for each programme: Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced. Additional 45 minute one-to-one sessions are available should you want more support. These are £40 per session and can be delivered either in person or online.

During the eight week period, no matter how you are completing the programme, you can post videos and ask me questions via a dedicated Facebook group.

The first and last sessions take longer as we will be taking photos and measurements of your dog. This will give us real, quantifiable information on the impact the 8 weeks has had on your dogs' physique.


The first week I will also be assessing your dog to ensure they are fit enough to complete the programme and in the final week I will be capturing any observations and comments you have.


Core conditioning is relatively new to the UK and I am keen to learn from you about your experiences and, where you are happy, to promote your successes via the website, my social media and wherever I can.

I truly believe these courses are life changing for your dog and will upskill and empower you as owners to support your dogs to lead happier, healthier lives. I use it with my own dogs and the results with them and previous clients speak for themselves - you can see some here.

A springer spaniel performing one of the conditioning exercises
A lurcher walking over my legs
An image showing me running a group class
A border collie and owner working on an exercise with my input
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