Rosie is a working Springer Spaniel and a busy girl. But she was also clumsy and in play with her Sprocker sister she would always lose out. 

Rosie was always considered the 'clumsy one' in the house. She had elbow surgery earlier in the year and the Body Conditioning was a core aspect of her post operative recover.

Her owners have seen a vast improvement in her movement and her posture. She is more upright and appears more comfortable in her own skin.

She is, unfortunately, now seeing the furniture as a parkour arena and is regularly seen chasing her smaller sister around and over it. She is also more mischievous and playful with her humans and is thoroughly enjoying an active, busy life.

She body awareness has improved and this has made a difference to her performance when working too. She has been injury free since starting the programme and is no longer considered clumsy.

Rosie is currently working at the Canine Conditioning Academy Advanced level having completed the Foundation and Intermediate programmes earlier in the year. She loves the exercises and will often behaviour offer to get her mum to work with her.

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