Little Dude broke or dislocated his tail when he was only 8 weeks old but this has not stopped him when it comes to his daily life or when it comes to agility or flyball.

Now nearly 2 years old his owner reports he is "very crazy" and would like to see him become a little calmer and less nervous of his surroundings.

He was a classic little dog; fast and nimble on his feet but the initial assessment highlighted that his awareness of his back end and the location of his back legs in particular wasn't as good as it could have been.

Whilst Little Dude was fast already he lacks confidence. His fine motor control and muscular strength were not as well developed and he was living on his nerves.

After 8 weeks conditioning Little Dude is visibly stronger with better defined musculature. He is still nervous and his confidence is still low but these are behavioural issues which continued work on the programme going forward will help to address.

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