Hamish is an 8 year old Sussex Spaniel. He has some significant health issues including epilepsy. This meant that complementary therapies like massage are not available to him.

Hamish was beginning to struggle on his walks. His movement at a trot was unstable and looked to be extremely energy intensive. 

At the beginning of the programme Hamish had poor posture. His back was roached and the way he moved suggested some back pain was present. He would also sit in an odd slumped way (see images of him before conditioning.

He struggled with the exercises to begin with and half way through the programme he had a relapse of his epilepsy making it impossible to continue training for a few weeks. 

Even with the disruption in his training his owners have seen an improvement in his movement and energy levels. They are committed to ensuring Hamish has the best possible quality of life and the conditioning exercises are now a part of his daily routine.

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