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For your four legged family members the general "activities of daily living" can negatively affect the body and can result in them experiencing pain:

Such activities include:

  • going up and down stairs

  • jumping in and out of the car

  • the location and position in which they sleep

  • the type of floor surfaces they are exposed to

  • how they eat their dinner

  • how they play with toys, humans and other dogs.

If your dog starts to slow down, is becoming stiff, is reluctant to use the stairs or if they sit down or behave differently when you touch an area of their body then I may, with your vets permission, be able to help.

A yellow labrador and her owner

"Karen was very good with her, taking care to make sure she was comfortable. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is thinking about getting massage sessions for their dog." Claire, Hemel

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