Dino is 3 and a half years old and a typical working Cocker Spaniel. He is always on the move and loves his Flyball.

His owner was keen to improve his core strength to reduce the risk of him injuring himself. 

The initial assessment highlighted that he was not as good at turning to his left. His owner confirmed that when competing Dino turns right on the Box. In this regard Flyball is a very one sided event.

Dogs will often injure themselves during normal day to day activity,  not necessarily when they are participating in their chosen event. So to reduce the risk of injury we needed to even up the left and right turns.

After conditioning training Dino was visibly more balanced between is left and right sides and this was borne out by the before and after measurements.

During competition immediately after completing the Canine Conditioning Foundation programme Dino recorded personal bests in all of his runs with his fastest run being 4.37 seconds.

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