The RSPCA estimates that between 40-60% of dogs are frightened of fireworks, and the older a dog is the more likely they are to become fearful or more fearful of the loud bangs and unpredictable noises. So, more often than not dogs and fireworks don’t mix well. So, how is your dog coping with fireworks this year?

Ball throwers can cause your dog to become addicted - to the adrenaline released. Like any addiction it has its dangers and can become quite anti-social as the dog fixates on the ball. This article discusses the risks associated and gives you alternatives that will be more fulfilling for you and your dog - not to mention much safer for them.

This video talks about how your dog may be struggling at this time and gives you some ideas to help them cope better.

Find out more about your dogs back with this half hour video. I talk about how the back is structured, where the weak links are and things to look for that might indicate your dog may be experiencing back pain.

Your Dogs Foot

Find out more about your dogs foot with this half hour video. I talk about how the foot is structured, things to look for and a few simple techniques to make your dog feel more comfortable.

A puppy is often an energetic, inquisitive and seemingly endlessly active addition to a family and it is tempting to play with and exercise your puppy to get all that energy out of them. This article discusses why this might not be such a good idea and gives provides examples of safe things you can do with your puppy

Had your dog just lost a companion? Do you think they might be grieving? In this article I discuss the symptoms to look for and the things you can do to help a grieving pet.

This article has been written by a client of mine in their own words. It sets out her experiences of Safe Hands Clinical Canine Massage and her thoughts on how it has helped her dog.

Slowing down might not be just a natural consequence of aging. Could your dog be experiencing chronic, low intensity pain or aches instead? In this article I explain one type of chronic pain - myofascial pain and gives you help in spotting the signs.

What happens to your dog when they are anxious or stressed? A dog will react in a similar way to humans and it is becoming clear that stress and anxiety over a period of time affects a person physically, psychologically and emotionally. SO how does it affect our dogs?

Massage can be really beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritis and naturally complements veterinary interventions such as prescribed anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

Winter poses unique and increased risks of injury to your dog. This blog explains why and gives you some handy tips to help them stay healthy this year.

Syringomyelia can be an extremely painful condition where the skull of the dog is too short. This article explains the condition, how massage can really help a dog suffering from it and what you can do as an owner to make your dogs life as comfortable as possible.

Does your dogs back twitch or spasm when they stretch or if you lightly touch them? Are they stiff when they get up ? Are they slowing down on their walks? This article explains why and how it affects our dogs.

Trigger Points can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog and can have a significant impact on their mobility. They often mimic the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis and joint dysplasia.

A short summary of what I am looking for when I carry out our Muscular Health Checks. I offer these for free from my Hemel clinic and whenever I am at a show or event.

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